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Troy bettinger sphr greater denver area how to bet on mlb games

Troy bettinger sphr greater denver area

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July - Present Acappella Trading, Inc. Seattle, Washington Inventory Accounting Analyst. CPA candidate. Greater St. Hobbies, Inc. January - December MapQuest, Inc. October - December MapQuest, Inc. Orange County, California Area Sr. Stuart H. January - April Qorvo, Inc. Greater Chicago Area Sr. Engineer at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. December - October San Francisco Bay Area Sr. Greater Minneapolis-St. We also provide continuity, because parents usually stop working with an organization when kids age out, and someone else has to pick up the pieces.

We now process more than one million paid registrations per year, which is exciting because there are many industries that cater to sports organizations and we can harness it all by adding eCommerce. We take the hassle out of operating sports organizations by making it easy to register, pay, and play. Online registration, credit card processing, and team communications are just a few ways our industry standard platform connects millions of athletes with their organizations.

Uniforms, equipment, insurance, technology, whatever else—we have the opportunity to tie all of this together. This could be as simple as answering the phone, which is actually a wow moment for some. Making products that solve real problems and going beyond expectations for service are the ingredients to become indispensable.

When we focus on this, generating revenue becomes more of a detail instead of something to obsess over. I had heard the beaches were beautiful in Ecuador. Even while traveling around Ecuador and making friends with Inca Trail hiking guides for a few months in Peru, it never crossed my mind that I would work in the travel business. But when I returned to my home state of Montana, I got restless waiting to hear back about job applications.

So I made a tri-fold brochure, figuring I could make a hobby of taking people back to Ecuador and going on my favorite adventures—things like going into the Amazon, hiking around a beautiful volcanic lake, exploring the local markets. At first I had no luck. But after I made a website and redesigned the brochure, people started calling. It dawned on me that people would actually pay someone to show them around a country. I realized I could make a business out of this, and Adventure Life was founded in I thought I would be the tour guide, but the business plan changed within a few months.

To handle smaller groups of people at different times of the year, I started hiring local guides. And after more than a decade running the company, I decided to take a break from Adventure Life in That was a really big deal. I was feeling a little burned out and wanted to get away somewhere I could be reenergized. I kept a part-time tie to the company, giving my managers a chance to step up and lead, and it was an incredibly positive experience. I came back after 18 months feeling reengaged and excited to be a part of our many new initiatives.

It will even have your name on it. This beautiful property offers a safe refuge for a tremendous variety of plants and animals native to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and a wonderful opportunity for visitors to experience them for themselves. The US is experiencing a great deal of innovation in the midst of this natural gas and energy boom. Breaking down silos is beneficial. Silos build up over time, and people get comfortable within them. But people will work outside of that when you can show them the value of broader, more diverse work teams.

In a competitive recruiting environment, our challenge is to attract innovative talent. This company is not hierarchical and is known for high degrees of integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. We also enjoy our continuing relationship with WPX and its very talented legal department. My career path has taken me from communications to law to human resources. I enjoy communicating and writing, and I always knew I would go to law school.

The history of boom-bust cycles in energy requires managing with a risk mentality. A key factor affecting our industry today is a divergence of oil and gas prices, where oil is globally priced while gas is largely driven by North American demand. Consequently, we strive for a balanced portfolio of oil, gas, and natural gas liquids. Procrastination never makes a decision better. Paralysis by analysis does not fit into this company.

If we do our jobs right, 90 percent of the decisions we make will be correct and the other 10 percent we can fi x. That means helping individuals grow, getting them excited about change, as well as community work on hunger issues. Oklahoma is on the precipice of greatness, but getting there includes addressing poverty and education issues.

Some people like to stay in their area of expertise, but others end up branching into management—they prefer to explore new areas, which is why my career in management has spanned from human resources and benefits to leading … outsourcing efforts and even serving as CIO before joining WPX. I have new perspectives because of all of these roles.

In all the research for your most recent book on successful hockey general managers, were you able to take away anything that helped you acclimate to this industry or become a better leader? One thing that becomes evident in both realms is the need for attention to detail. But what it really taught me was that there are a lot of ways to win. The guys who are successful stay true to themselves and surround themselves with complementary talent.

You may not have researched it, but you do have experience bringing an organization back from bankruptcy. A couple of us were brought in to turn that around, and we successfully grew it into a profitable fi nancial services business in a tough global economy. It seems like you enjoy a challenge. Often those assets can be tarnished or underutilized; that was certainly the case for us in Dallas.

The Stars have a strong tradition and terrific marketplace, but it was a franchise in drift. Combining the sports world with my executive background was a dream come true. It was created with the Texas Rangers, and when economic times got tough, they were ripped apart. The threads of that memory were shredded, and the Stars were left under custodial ownership of the NHL for three years of bankruptcy. It needed a new direction that not everyone was ready for.

We always recognized there were a couple key drivers for our business that we needed to fi x to go from significant loss to generating profit. We set a three-year time frame to do that. Broadcast drives a lot of top-line revenue for teams. Collectively bargained player cost and revenue share are big factors. And fi nally, ticket sales and corporate sponsorship make up the bulk of our local revenue. We basically turned over every rock and renegotiated every agreement to maximize value. How did those decisions and a new workforce impact the culture?

I come. Our ability to attract and retain good talent is very important. You said ticket sales are one of the big drivers of the turnaround. How has community outreach been incorporated into your plans and bolstered game attendance? Farris: We owe a great debt of gratitude to our former owner, Tom Hicks , for his foresight to build six Dr Pepper StarCenters in our market.

In the offseason, we looked at youth hockey in the Dallas area and realized it had become very top-heavy with high costs to play. With too few kids, those who were maybe not prepared or skilled enough to play high-level hockey were being channeled into this expensive realm of the game.

We have on-ice instruction at any rink, whether owned by us or someone else in Dallas. More than 14, kids participated this year, and we are hoping to reach 40, kids next year. Students also collect stars on a bracelet for skills like agility and endurance, and many of them will ultimately take a field trip to a community rink. How would you evaluate the Stars right now compared to when you came in? Evolution Media Capital is proud to work with the Dallas Stars.

Congratulations on your recognition. We made some big changes on the hockey operations side that are meshing really well to create a strong, healthy relationship with the business side and our ownership—the triumvirate, I call them. The biggest change that has positioned us. Nothing was written down.

Now that we can replicate our successes, the next step is to layer the business with new revenue channels without incurring commensurate levels of cost. Evolution Media Capital provides traditional investment banking services as well as a broad range of strategic advisory services leveraging its unique relationships in the entertainment and media industries to maximize growth and expansion for its clients.

To highway drivers, the iconic golden scroll on the back of J. He discusses the challenges and best practices for engaging a workforce that operates almost exclusively on the road. How does the structure of a transport company like J.

Hunt, with some independent contractors and a large remote workforce, affect the expectations of HR? Serving the employees of J. Hunt is almost like working with two different companies. People work 8 a. Our other workforce, you almost never see; some of our drivers are home every night, while others are on the road for weeks at a time. That structure can create an us-versus-them dynamic, so I focus on supporting our people in the field, increasing transparency for our remote workforce, and teaching our managers how to work with that portion of the workforce.

Being a veteran of the company, how have you seen it change in your tenure with respect to HR, and how does that perspective help you serve your employees? When I came to J. Hunt, I was a manager trainee, so I became familiar with the challenges of that role and where we were doing things well and where we needed to improve.

As I advanced to head of HR, I saw that our technology and logistics were leading edge, but our people management was lagging. We used to take pride in being one of the first companies to go paperless, and one product of that was driver training. How do you engage a remote workforce? We try to reflect the values that the company was founded on. Hunt was a truck driver—your classic, salt-of-the-Earth, southern Midwesterner with regional morals and values.

From day one, he treated every driver. He and Mrs. Hunt would treat drivers to a steak dinner when they came through town. Drivers are the key part of our business, and we want to take care of them. It starts with good managers and being transparent. How do you balance efficiency with quality? I was talking about going into HR with someone recently. My side happens to be about taking care of people.

We spend more on people than anything else as a company, so you better know your numbers. People will cost you more every year. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition for outstanding leadership. We are proud to work with you and J. Hunt Transportation Services. The company has been lauded for its workplace.

What makes J. It starts with the personal belief that every human being has intrinsic value. I told my management team my goal for J. Hunt is that every employee leaves as a better person. We offer people economic opportunity, the chance to save for a retirement, coaching, training, health care, and experiences to further their careers.

However our people want to better themselves, we want to help them do it. You can lose track of that if you never get out in the cab or on the dock with them. Investment products:. Since its founding in , AGCO Corporation has been a global leader in agricultural machinery, distributing products in more than countries. In support of this effort is the new global business services GBS team, formed in March and headed by senior vice president Lucinda Smith.

The new function brings the HR, IT, and shared-services functions under one global group. What convinced you to consolidate IT, HR, and shared services under the banner of global business services? Lucinda Smith: The three groups are all.

When we looked at this across the group it really made sense to implement this kind of consolidated structure. This was really about people needing to focus on leadership, vision, teamwork, and collaboration. So it just made good business sense to pull it all together. Often change of this scope requires a strong top-down message and support from the leadership team. How did the CEO and other members support this transition? Smith: First, the board of directors ap-.

From there, we announced the global business services group. Th is was reviewed in advance with the senior management team, and they supported the new approach. Up front, we announced the purpose of the. HR, shared-services, and IT professionals work to ensure efficient operations and deliver on business-focused key-performance indicators and innovative solutions.

While enabling and driving collaboration across AGCO sites and regions, they ensure the right project focus for the functions and timely delivery. Smith: Rather than duplicating efforts across three areas we now have a consolidated approach that provides more efficient services and better utilizes talent and experience.

By leveraging common areas of improvement we will drive greater efficiency across GBS and maximize productivity. The consolidation of work streams, such as internal communication and controlling, helps reduce costs and duplication of.

You seem to have gotten off to a very good start with this collaboration. Bringing these projects together seems like it would give you new capabilities. It ranges from hardware to working with our advanced technology solutions group to updating technology in the equipment that we manufacture.

We wish the entire AGCO team a world of continued success. Towers Watson. A global company with a singular focus on our clients. So we want to make sure our jobs, especially in manufacturing, are attractive to those people entering the workforce. That presents an interesting opportunity for IT and HR to work together to design jobs that are rewarding and technologically challenging for the future workforce. If someone was to pick your brain to help decide whether or not this sort of move would be successful for their company, what would you tell them?

Smith: It depends on the market; it depends. What do you enjoy most about this consolidation on a day-to-day basis? And I think it helps me, on the HR side, knowing what that is. Income based on P In an age of pinging personal devices and countless cable channels, Ellen Stone knows her audience has a lot of distractions vying for its attention. What does TV entertainment look like to you, and what excites you about it?

You have to grab viewers quickly and keep them happy. Interests will show some consistency—our viewers love beauty, fashion, pop The Oxygen culture, and personalities—but Viewer the rule of the road for the new Gender: Female Median Age: What does the Bravo-Oxygen viewer look like? How are they driving your efforts? Transmedia programming tells the story both in a linear fashion on air as well as on digital platforms.

In order to fully enjoy the story, the viewer must engage on both platforms. Did Bravo know with percent certainty our audience would follow our shows to other platforms? No, but we had seen that behavior in other ways. How do you know your viewers are going to take that extra step to continue the story online? We knew our audience and their behavior so well that we could use the brand to enhance that behavior.

What does transmedia look like? How do you keep the story going online? In a transmedia world, a relevant digital extension affects the TV show. When contestants are eliminated, they keep going in the digital continuation.

Other eliminated chefs contend for a chance to get back onto the on-air series. Stone: Social media really lends itself to. We allow them to be in charge of some of our messaging for the week. By this point, even smartphone holdouts are familiar with text-to-vote interaction with their TV entertainment. Are Bravo and Oxygen doing anything with real-time fan feedback? Stone: Because most of our shows are. Million Dollar Listings is a Bravo program about six realtors selling their properties.

In the middle of the show, a poll will come up asking how much viewers think houses are worth. Results show up in real time, which is one level up from a simple, call-in-and-vote. How have you seen the evolution of marketing on social media platforms? What did the early days look like for Bravo, and where are the networks now in understanding this medium? It used to be that you want to be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Now we know we have to create relativity for our particular audience.

Congratulations, Ellen Stone! You love what you do — and we do too. We hear about companies like Google where the best innovations come from pet projects, yet CIOs are often bogged down by corporate maintenance. How do you make time for innovation? They get pushed back by compliance and regulatory projects. I create a business vision. I block time in my calendar for about three hours each week to step back and ultimately create a walkthrough of what our company will look like three to five years from now.

Often executive leadership wants to see proof that my vision is going to work—that someone else has done it and succeeded. A lot of CIOs will focus on the faster, cheaper, more efficient solutions. For a CIO, the trade-off often means using technology to grease the corporate gears at the expense of pet projects and cutting-edge innovations.

If I can outsource e-mail, why not? We will be evaluated on the work we do that advances the business. With our signature solution, PrimeCloud, my team is working on everything that is innovative about loan origination systems, which are traditionally very close in terms of competitive advantage.

PrimeCloud has the potential to bring a lot of change to both your company and the industry. Is it within the realm of IT to play a part in change management when changes in technology are involved? When we began implementing PrimeCloud, in my mind, everything was going fine. I had a vision of where we were headed but failed to realize that I was the only one who could see the big picture.

We had an off-site, and the fi rst half of the day people talked only. The idea came up to kill the project altogether. I was surprised. I had become so wrapped up in the execution that I lost sight of the difficulties they were facing. The big trend is mobility. We think mobile first on everything. One of the key ideas in it is to be bold in our creativity. We want to be innovators who provide leading edge solutions.

That comes from an environment that fosters creativity and input. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates and fees subject to change. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS Once you improve, your job will improve. Before going into law, Donna Bunch Coaxum worked as an accountant.

Where did you begin your law career? Donna Bunch Coaxum: I worked as an. I went to law school with the idea that whatever I did in law would capitalize on my accounting background. I focused on corporate and tax law, and when I graduated I went to work for Arthur Anderson. Was it an easy decision to go to Oscar Mayer? Coaxum: At fi rst I thought they wanted money. They actually tracked my brother down through directory assistance in Chicago. I called them back reluctantly, because 10 years before, after I had interned for GTE, GTE called me, too, but they told me they had overpaid me and they wanted the money back.

But Oscar Mayer actually wanted to hire me, and I liked the idea of going in house, back to my corporate roots. It was the best time of my life to that point. Madison, Wisconsin. All who know Donna can attest to her drive, determination and relentless commitment to excellence.

How did you end up in your current role? He asked why I left Kraft for a job at Sears. I actually cried when I gave my notice, so I was really happy when I was able to return, in , to head the law department. Donna is an extraordinary legal talent and a trusted advisor. We are honored to work with her and her OSI colleagues, and we celebrate her appearance in Profile. I quickly sought to learn the business by visiting several of our manufacturing facilities.

I drove to our turkey facility in West Liberty, Iowa, f lew to our turkey facility in Newberry, South Carolina, and toured the facility in. So, if a member of our team is in China and we have a crisis in the United States, that team. Our lawyers leverage their extensive understanding of the financial institutions arena and bring an unsurpassed level of industry experience to their clients.

An established leader in the industry, we partner with businesses of all sizes and counsel on a variety of transactional, regulatory and compliance matters. What has been your greatest challenge? Coaxum: Getting my arms around the. OSI started with an entrepreneurial focus, and we had different facilities operating independently; now we are operating with a one-company focus led by our president and our CEO.

How has your accounting background informed your work? Coaxum: I thought accounting would make. Coaxum: I was raised by a divorced single. Th ink about it. Fifteen years ago, cash was king. Today, most Americans prefer credit or debit. And as technology drives forward, we expect options. A lawyer by trade, he came to Vantiv in after helping Advent International, a private equity firm, spin out the company from Fifth Third Bank. Today, Vantiv is a full-service payment processor for banks who issue cards and merchants who accept credit, debit, and prepaid transactions.

Vantiv went public in March and continues to show strong growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. This payment terminal allows users to pay with a smartphone instead of a credit card, marking an evolution to the idea of a speedy checkout.

To find success, he needed to expand distribution channels, product capabilities, and geographic reach. In fact, those three principles still guide Vantiv today. The payments market in North America is large and fragmented. Now, the cash register is a computer and the credit card swipe is being replaced by mobile devices and soft ware systems. Take a bowling alley, for example.

Customers pay for lanes, rent shoes, tip for a meal, and buy retail products. A modern consumer expects integrated payment options, and those demands represent huge areas of growth for Vantiv. The credit card is now simply a vehicle to transport an account number into a computer.

Vantiv is fi nding new ways to inject that number. The United States has more than 20 million businesses and 14, financial institutions. Vantiv needs to forge as many connections as possible between these two groups to capture business. Over the past four years, Coyle has driven the acquisition of card issuers, card processors, technology, and eCommerce companies.

While acquisitions get done for many reasons, Coyle says Vantiv operates not as a. Coyle analyzes companies and identifies those that are actionable. Where is a company in its life cycle? What are its expectations? Who are the leaders in the market? Those are all important questions. But one question trumps all others—the question of culture. The people we get in a transaction are very important.

The companies it approaches have multiple offers. As everything changes, Coyle knows many small companies will fail. But some. Delivering effective solutions comes from working together. It is a pleasure to serve clients, such as Vantiv, and participate in their success. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

And those companies will change the way we buy things. Vantiv has a strong legacy of serving banks and merchants while connecting end points on a large scale. The company plans to leverage its scale, partner with or acquire the winners in the tech game, and be there when things are poised change again. After 29 years dedicated to international investing, Advent remains committed to partnering with management teams to deliver sustained revenue and earnings growth for portfolio companies.

The Raymond James Financial Technology invest-. We represent a diverse client base across the United States and abroad with their business and litigation needs. Founded in , Advent International is one of the largest and most experienced global investors dedicated solely to private equity. Since inception,. It offers clients full-service middle market investment banking capabilities including merger and acquisition advisory, equities underwriting, debt origination, and private placement services.

Moving Fast. At the Speed of Payments. Payments have always been about relationships. Relationships are moving faster, across more channels and through more media than ever before. It takes a lot to rise above and see where commerce, payments and relationships are going. Start your relationship with the payments company that already has its head in The Cloud.

Expect More. Reid Miller at remiller deloitte. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. The move showed the board how much Crane believed in Dehne, and she set out to validate his decision. NRG aims to change the world with its wholesale power generation fleet and build a worldwide alternative-energy business through distributed solar products and electric vehicles.

With the wholesale power provider and energy retailer set to reach into alternative energy and consumer products, was the right time to remake HR at NRG. Every leader must be willing to learn. We are there. And we had to ensure we have the right people with the right passion to take us where we want to be. From there, Dehne empowered employees across the entire business, starting with executives and managers who HR encouraged to set goals aligned with those of the CEO. HR is becoming customer focused because NRG is customer focused—and she hopes other departments grasp that vision.

NRG is changing, and Dehne believes her atypical legal background has helped the HR department evolve with it. The common courtesies that are sometimes lacking help employees in other departments know that HR advocates for the business. Part of the change at NRG involves integrating two large companies with differ-. Not all NRG employees are working on alternativeenergy solutions, but they all have a chance to innovate. For HR, it might mean coming up with a new way to deploy policies or creating flexible benefits packages.

The Quad—an internal portal for social media, performance management, succession planning, and career profiles—allows the HR team to embed this culture of innovation across the entire enterprise. The company also gives away tickets to events and offers opportunities to volunteer in the global. A roadway that connects dreams to success. Hundreds of responses led to a reality-show style competition, with the win-. I build really strong relationships, both internally to the IT organization and externally to business partners and technology partners, and I set pretty good direction in terms of how to leverage and use technology in a business setting.

CocaCola Bottling Co. Nchege, a native of Nigeria, came to the United States in to study business operations management at Georgia State University. Th is penchanct would follow Nchege through his career, his combined business acumen and. M2M data can assist in optimizing inventory, improving operational efficiency; and monitoring retail outlets for peak performance. Such a group might ask for a.

At its corporate head is Kurt Rao, who has been with the company for six years. He works with both vendors and the management of each business department, leading a decentralized corporate technology team. For Rao, one of the benefits of having a such a structure is that the team understands the business and is able to react to its needs. The philosophy has been applied to all internal technological functions, whether for human resources, fi nance, or real estate, in addition to helping meet external demands from vendors and outside employees.

In the cloud realm, the technology team replaced antiquated systems supporting human resources, finance, and real estate processes and focused on implementing standard products and practices across the board for all functions. And in the fi-. I like the early morning. A former boss once told me to learn the culture of the business and adapt to it. Which part of your job could you live without? I could live without the commute. It takes me an hour and a half to get to work each day.

How do you beat stress? If you had to do something rather than work in technology, what would it be? Growing up I wanted to be a radio disc jockey. I like connecting with and talking to people, I love music, and it was one of the most appealing things to do in those days. What is the one thing you would change about your industry?

I love how the industry adopts new technology and innovates, but would love to see it adopt it faster. His team is currently identifying the best places to collect data points. Such projects necessitate change, and Rao says that one of the most difficult challenges has been in change management. For the last six years, they have been focused on moving non-core functions into a federated model, where they can be managed by a small team. Moving the model required a lot of time and effort.

Rao sees technology as an ever-changing field, and recommends for anyone working in the field to continue their education by talking to people, attending conferences, getting input from others, and reading the latest materials to keep pace with new developments. A good mentor will also teach the value of risk—when to take a risk, how to take a risk, and how much of a risk to take.

Rao believes that people have to occasionally create opportunities and find innovative ways to bring about change, especially since technology itself is always progressing. The company had just completed its second bankruptcy fi ling. Sales and morale were low. Guest counts were on a dangerous trajectory, and consumer sentiment about the brands was flagging. Internally, there was confusion, lack of focus, and a general lack of faith in the long-term future of the enterprise.

This business is very difficult and impossible to do as just an intellectual exercise. Your heart will make the difference. On the hospitality side, Wedo has hired hospitality managers in each restaurant. Restaurants now house 10 different brands—bakeries named Maple Street Bakery and Creamery, for example—creating individual venues inside each restaurant.

The goal is to appeal to a new kind of guest. Where else can you do that? Second, the business focused on families, and I believe families today are struggling and need support. The idea that our business could be a real and meaningful assistance to families at their core felt almost like a calling to me. He has spent nearly 25 years in the restaurant industry, including positions as chairman and CEO of New World Restaurant Group, which owns and operates seven major bagel brands in the United States, and as COO of Boston Market , which recently experienced its own turnaround.

New management helped create a cultural shift , and the team began promoting a new vision for reinvesting in the business. The success of these building blocks allowed Wedo to drive the business for-. And we do. And, when you get that recipe right, no one can resist.

Known for mixing classic and emerging brands at a range of prestige price points, Sephora is a leading beauty retailer in the United States. Each student was tasked with selecting a topic pertinent to an Asian country and developing a plan to boost the local economy. In other words, learn when to slow the car down and when to hit the gas. PDI is your one stop shop and your merchandising experts.

Congratulations Alexis Rollier. His passion and dedication to the creative process at Sephora is an inspiration and we look forward to his continued success. Even more impressive, Rollier was promoted to a CFO position when he was just years old. Sephora footprint in the United States spans stores; Sephora shop-in-shops inside J. Penney; and Sephora. Sephora also runs regional operations in the rest of the Americas, including 45 stores in Canada, 9 stores in Brazil, and 8 stores in Mexico.

Rollier understands that not everyone reaches the career heights that he has, especially not at such a young age. Th is is why the CFO says that for him at least, part of being an international executive means fi rst and foremost realizing how lucky one is to work in multicultural environments.

It is also probably one of the best ways to go beyond your limits and do things you never thought you could do. Rollier says he has maintained the initial curiosity that propelled him into the world of international business.

Th is is not to say the work is without challenges. We have a lot of great ideas, but not all can be done at the same time or with the same resources. As CFO, Rollier must combine both the best of retail and brand fi nancial practices, making investments not only for the immediate business and the profit it will deliver, but also with foresight, making sure that in the long run investments contribute to building the brand, its awareness, and image.

There are new products arriving to the market every day. But Sephora offers the best selection of beauty products and the best client experience with the greatest service. Sephora has also been the fi rst one to invest and win in the digital beauty world.

Bryan Cave LLP is proud to provide strategic advice to Sephora and other companies in the LVMH Group so they can successfully navigate the increasingly complex and highly competitive retail environment. Our Retail practice team advises some of the largest international, national and regional retailers in a variety of specialties including home furnishings, clothing and footwear, computer games, books, cosmetics and sporting goods, and our attorneys have worked closely with Sephora for more than a decade.

With targeted expertise and a practical approach, our lawyers in the U. I grew up in a small town in Maine where I learned the importance of family and to be respectful of others. The Yankee work ethic is real and was instilled in me at a young age. I love the rugged beauty of Maine—the rocky coast, the pine forests, and that fresh, salt air. My family and I go back every summer.

Did I mention the lobster? As a boy, I remember digging in the sand at the beach and my grandmother asking if I was trying to dig to China. I had no idea where or what she was talking about. There is no secret to working across cultures. Certain behaviors are universal: respect, humility, and humor. My football coach at Bowdoin College taught me an important lesson in leadership: as quarterback, teammates watch how you conduct yourself and act accordingly.

If people see you panicking or getting frustrated, they will follow suit. So stay calm, positive, and set the right tone. I have tried to do that throughout my career. You get a lot of feedback while playing sports. People appreciate it. Preparation is really the key.

You need to read the playing field quickly and make good decisions under time constraints. For more than 85 years, Littelfuse has fostered a culture that is built on core values of trust, integrity, teamwork, and respect. Our leadership team models that behavior, which makes my job much easier. It is an exciting time to be at Littelfuse.

The global trends that impact our business—the value of human life, safety, energy efficiency, and connectivity—are all favorable. Our products play a key role in all of those areas. In college I did better in courses that interested me, even if they were outside of my major.

That has lead to managing not just the legal function, but also human resources and marketing-communications. It is beautifully written, and set in Exeter, New Hampshire, where I used to work. When traveling in Asia, you need to have a couple of go-to karaoke songs. I recently had to sing an Elvis song in front of business colleagues in China. They drive growth, champion culture, and are pushing their companies to new frontiers.

Hicks manages 45 Towers Watson attorneys around the world. A long tenure in a fast-growing organization has taught him all sides of the business. Change is the one constant. Since Towers Watson operates across many different industries in many different countries, Hicks and his colleagues—who handle litigation management, corporate transactions, governance, securities, employment, compliance, and other areas—need to be prepared to talk about many issues on a daily basis. In craft ing his legal team, made up of approximately 45 lawyers and 30 supporting members,.

Hicks has looked for engaged individuals who love what they do and want to broaden their skill base. Hicks is working to identify those in the legal team who are eager to pick up another area of law. In , the legal team brought on a native Mandarin speaker to place in mainland China to handle business in that part of the world.

Those meetings are frequently recorded and uploaded to a company sharepoint site for future reference, which gives all of the lawyers in the department the chance to learn about legal issues from other parts of the world. Issues like data privacy and security, for example, can often be more effectively examined through a global perspective. Hicks says that craft ing a legal team is never easy, and that it is especially difficult at a company like Towers Watson. We are proud to join in recognizing our client and friend Kirkland L.

For over years, Milbank has helped industry leaders like Towers Watson implement effective and innovative solutions to their most complex legal challenges. We try to ensure we get the right people on our team by being very deliberate and having many people interact with candidates. Hicks goes so far as to give candidates hypothetical situations based on the facts of what actually happens at Towers Watson, asking how they would advise in such a circumstance.

Managing counsel report to him in a team that operates as a circle of equals. Currently, the legal function is focused on providing superior value to its internal clients. We are proud to work with such an accomplished leader. One client, Eastman. Eastman Chemical Company. Golden says. We applaud our highly valued client Eastman Chemical Company and congratulate David Golden on his continued success.

If we have a tech manager kicking around a new molecule, hopefully they feel they can talk with legal about how it will be treated in a foreign jurisdiction. Value having the best on your team, and if you are the best, wear that honor with humility.

So long as he is leading legal, humility is sure to follow. For the first time in eight years, AOL is experiencing growth. And not just in one quarter, but four—consecutively. The Internet forefather has had an eventful decade defined by bold moves in a volatile industry. Its general counsel, Julie Jacobs, has been there for all if it, and was the catalyst for one of the most lucrative deals that set the comeback company on a path to make history.

The younger a team, both in age and time spent working together, the more likely it is to give strategic redirection a try. Even before AOL made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange in December , some of the key players who would eventually drive its shift from a subscriptionbased Internet-service provider to an adsupported content provider were assembled.

Jacobs joined AOL in , became general counsel in , and brought with her a keen awareness for not just the risks of the business but, more importantly, opportunity. AOL had been a trailblazer in the delivery of web services in the early days of the Internet, but by the s, changes in market standards painted it as more of a fast-follower.

On the July 4 holiday weekend of , news broke. We knew we had valuable technology that we had acquired and developed just sitting under the couch cushions. Jacobs leads a team of nearly 50 attorneys as she helps AOL chart a forward course in the shifting world of technology. AOL a significant boost to continue its strategic objectives.

Not merely treading water in the advertising space, AOL is taking its share of the market unapologetically. Adamant that legal be a strategic partner to the business, Jacobs continues to ensure her department supports just such success. And as the legal landscape of the technology world evolves, she and her team will be there to continue what AOL started—pioneering in the still undefi ned realm of the World Wide Web.

As the door closed on , a focus on high-quality day-today service—the basic blocking and tackling of every in house legal department—emerged. But simpler. The legal department, on the other hand, had moved in the opposite direction, becoming organized on a regional, geographybased model. The 43 commercial and intellectual property lawyers working under Stryker are now committed to specific business units, and the lines of reporting and responsibility are fully transparent both within the group and to their business clients.

The reorganization stripped away bureaucracy and roles that once overlapped from one lawyer to another, resolving ambiguity. Extraordinary Solutions. Ambitious goals take businesses into uncharted waters and unmapped territory, regions where pitfalls and opportunities abound. The innovative approach. The creative solution. The kind of insight that helps clients prepare for the unexpected — and harness all of its possibilities.

While growth is on the horizon, many challenges remain as businesses navigate an evershifting legal and regulatory climate. These times demand trusted counsel — the steady hand, focused vision and seamless service that our clients expect from our lawyers and our firm.

At a chemical company, those assets include chemical compounds and manufacturing processes, and patents— thoughtfully secured and then aggressively protected—are critical to delivering shareholder value. Now, between the research and development community, which delivers critical innovation and product differentiation, and the marketing and sales teams that sell products, intellectual-property lawyers are the key link driving effective portfolio management, and thus revenue.

Finally, Stryker is focused on building the best team in the industry. He wants to ensure that the Huntsman legal department of today is the team to best serve the company that Huntsman will become over the next five years. Being part of the senior executive group guiding the overall business at Huntsman gives Stryker key insight into strategy far in advance and puts him in a position to translate the legal needs required to implement that.

Even though some of this talent will move on to new jobs since long-term opportunities in the Huntsman department are limited due to its relatively modest size, Stryker sees it as no reason to shy away from the challenge of recruiting the best. David embodies the same values that Schiff Hardin has maintained for the last years—innovation, intelligence, and a genuine commitment to client service. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with David over the years, and we celebrate his achievements as a leader, advocate, and adviser.

Rakoczy Molino Mazzochi Siwik LLP A full-service litigation and intellectual property law firm, working with clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries. The generic pharmaceutical manufacturer earned the 22nd spot with a strong portfolio of businesses, products, services, and processes.

More important, the company has the chops to continue growing. The health-care debate was as alive and well then as it is today, and I thought Perrigo could be a part of the solution to a very real health-care problem. Perrigo has expanded through innovative organic and inorganic growth. Pet products are not the only channel through which Perrigo is creatively diversified. In the last four years, it has also broken into the infant-nutrition and diabetescare markets.

Because of the nature of its products, Perrigo relies on Kingma and his team to keep the business compliant in the heavily regulated health-care, food, and drug industries. The legal team is at virtually every important stage of the business process working with our colleagues to make things happen. Concluding that acquisition before the end of was a significant achievement for Perrigo and its legal team.

Anyone can identify issues, but working side-by-side with our business colleagues has allowed us to be strategic partners. Todd Kingma learned from an early age the value of customer service. When he got to college, he gave himself the options of law and medical school. He has stayed on that track for the last 23 years.

Though the learning curve was steep, it exposed him to every aspect of the business. Jim Baldwin and the legal team are playing an important role in that transformation. Having joined DPS when it was still a subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes, Baldwin was familiar with the code of conduct that was intended as a resource for employees— and he became aware of an opportunity to improve it.

The industry trend is to make codes more engaging and accessible. The result is a revamped, understandable, and employee-friendly code of conduct and ethics that is on a par with the best codes of other leading public companies. The philosophy caught fire. All of his attorneys, and several of his support staff, have participated in one kaizen or another, and Baldwin himself has joined numerous kaizen teams to offer a different perspective.

Being a strong supporter of RCI from the start, Baldwin says the influence and partnership with other teams across the company helps bring legal out from a silo that often isolates it at other enterprises. The DPS legal team is embedded within the commercial teams, aggressively supporting their ongoing commercial goals. As early as college, Allen Waxman was identified as the kind of person who knew how to handle things, possessing a natural ability to approach difficult situations diplomatically.

This is why the dean at Dartmouth College, who served with him on a student board handling honor code violations, suggested that he should consider becoming an attorney to help others work through difficult challenges. It was an idea that stuck. Waxman is now senior vice president and general counsel of Eisai, where he is responsible for the stewardship and direction of the legal, government affairs, and public policy matters at the company.

For Waxman, the most fascinating part of his job is the daily interactions with people, and in particular, his interactions with his team. The general counsel says he has had both good and bad experiences with team leadership, but with experience comes wisdom. They take ownership of their work and, because of that, they are very proud of the company and the ways in which they contribute to its success.

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