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Sasan sadeghpour mining bitcoins

Thus far in the current program, three holes have been drilled in the Cinchado project area, one deep hole greater than meters in Milagro Pampa project area, and two holes one still in progress in the Milagro project area. Core logging and assaying are continuing and will be integrated with data from the Titan 24 survey in order to direct further drilling in these project areas. SAMEX recently secured major funding which has facilitated a significant expansion and extension of the exploration programs on its various projects in the Los Zorros gold district.

So wie es aussieht, wissen da leute mehr als die allgemeinheit. Mega umsatz, schon 2. Und das ohne news, da geht noch mehr! Anscheinend wissen manche schon mehr. Samex hat doch recht gut im Plus geschlossen. Da hatte ja jemand anders ganz andere preise bezahlt A Titan geophysical survey,which was completed subsequent to the drilling reported below, has provided key insights into many of the project targets. Program highlights include: -- Breakthrough in target definition at the Cinchado project see graphics plates at www.

SAMEX President, Jeff Dahl says; "The Titan geophysical survey, in conjunction with our detailed geologic mapping and drilling, has proven successful in assisting us with understanding the mineral potential at Los Zorros. It's been effective in refining and advancing our existing project targets while outlining important new ones. I expect that we will be utilizing this exploration tool again shortly. The iron-oxide character of the matrix to the mined breccia suggests that the clasts were cemented by considerable copper- and iron-sulfide.

This resulted in the target being displaced laterally and decoupled separated from the capping jasperoid-barite alteration features by the thickness of the sill. Titan geophysical survey Line 1, which was run over Cerro Cinchado crossing in the vicinity of the drill holes, subsequently identified the position of the displaced target as a significant IP anomaly situated beneath the diorite sill and to meters west of the drillplatform locations.

The 1,meter lateral extent of the surface alteration features suggests the target might have a significant strike length dimension. Testing this IP target will be a high priority for the exploration drilling campaign. See www. The remaining 28 anomalies are second priority targets that represent small area anomalies, generally with weak to moderate responses near surface. Approximately 14 of the 47 anomalies coincide with known areas of mineralization determined by surface workings, surface sampling or drilling, including 7 first priority anomalous zones and 7 second priority targets.

Milagro Gold Project - Two drill holes DDH-MM and were completed as a follow up to test the eastward, down-dip projected continuation of a highly prospective gold-mineralized mantos intercepted in the program DDH-MM encountered The first hole DDH-MM was sited meters east of DDH-ML and aimed inclined westward with the intention of making a relatively shallow intercept of the gold-mineralized mantos layer and underlying altered volcanic debris-flow breccia which too was found to be highly anomalous in gold averaging 0.

The target interval was found, in the vicinity of the new drill site, to be displaced by a steeply westward dipping normal fault intersected between depths of 37 to 53 meters. As a result, the hole penetrated through the fault gap and beneath the target interval intended to be drill tested. Strongly altered quartz-sericite-pyrite altered volcaniclastic sediments and interlayered debris flow breccia intervals continued to a depth of meters where the hole was stopped after penetrating well into weakly altered porphyritic diorite sill - meters.

This entire long interval 53 to meters continuously contains elevated detectible gold values greater than 0. One interval This long step-out and location were chosen to test again the projected southeastward down-dip continuation of the gold-mineralized mantos layer and within a structural block that is largely intact without significant fault disruptions.

This hole was aimed inclined northwestward and, below an altered mafic sill, entered into a thick interval from to meters of prospective-looking, quartz-sericite-pyrite altered volcaniclastic debris-flow breccia units. Geochemical analyses show that the interval from Within this interval, three prominent intervals of significantly anomalous gold greater than 0. The hole was stopped at a depth of The results of the Milagro project reconnaissance drilling are encouraging and show widespread low-level to anomalous values of gold spread over great thicknesses of quartz-sericite-pyrite altered volcaniclastic sedimentary rock.

The extent and style of alteration, and anomalous gold are indicative of large-scale mineralizing processes, and possibly comprise a halo to areas of significant gold mineralization. Titan Line 4, which runs through the Milagro project area and in close vicinity to the drill holes, shows that DDH-MM was drilling down into, but not through, a very strong IP chargeability anomaly; and over top of, thus missing, a strong resistivity anomaly.

The latter resistivity anomaly outlines a target highly prospective for a gold-mineralized, silicified body positioned along the range front. This resistivity anomaly was also observed on Titan Line 3, so, is known to extend for at least meters from the Milagro project area northward across the east part of the Milagro Pampa project area open-ended to the north and south. Further west and south of the Milagro drilling, 46 samples were collected on shallow, exposed barite veins, fault zones, narrow breccias and minor jasperoid occurrences observed during prospecting traverses over a 1, x meter area.

The 46 samples range from less than 0. Underlying this sampled area, a second sizeable IP anomaly characterized by high chargeability and high resistivity lies at relatively shallow depth was identified by Titan Line 4. In light of the geologic environment of favorable sedimentary host rocks and widespread, low-level to anomalous gold, this IP anomaly represents another exciting drill target for the Milagro project. This hole tested down across anhydrite and quartz stock work veinlets and sheeted vein swarm within a sericite-quartz-pyrite altered porphyritic intrusion.

These bedrock features are concealed beneath 12 meters of gravel cover. The hole proceeded downward through intense veinleting and pyritiferous sericite-altered porphyritic intrusion, which appears to comprise an extensive phyllic alteration halo. The west margin of the intrusion was intersected at meters depth where pyritized hornfelsed and calc-silicate skarnoid metasedimentary rocks were intersected.

Geochemical results on continuous sampling show, from to meters depth, overall increasing levels of variably anomalous copper greater than to ppm copper and elevated detectible to anomalous gold greater than 0. Below approximately meters, the hole encountered a series of prominent vein and brecciated intervals from 0.

The interval, The dominant orientation of veins and veinlets intersected in core indicated that the drill hole was cutting down at an acute angle to the vein dip direction and that perhaps was also drilling westward and away from the "heart" of the mineralizing system. The target at Milagro Pampa is a high-grade, gold-bearing; copper-sulfide mineralized sheeted veins system perhaps of substantial size.

Although many quality targets are advancing, the exploration breakthrough at Cinchado provides an excellent opportunity for prodigious success and will be an immediate priority in the days ahead. Kell and Mr. Geochemical analyses on samples were performed by ALS Minerals, an internationally recognized and ISO certified laboratory complying with international standards. Except where otherwise noted, the analytical and test data underlying the information disclosed herein was verified by or under the supervision of Mr.

Schuldenfrei und es werden gute ergebnisse kommuniziert. Hier haben wir jedoch statt pommes richtig handfestes. I asked Adrian if he would give me his personal opinion of what these drill results mean… Bill, The key is that T has identified the Cinchado target.

The much bigger part was down -thrown and laterally displaced by a granite intrusive. The holes that were drilled BEFORE the T survey hit this granite sill but is perfectly understood now that the T data has been acquired and interpreted. The Titan 24 responds superbly to the down-thrown block because it is also high in copper content.

This means there is extremely high confidence on the exact location and size and likely gold grade of the target. The next holes in my opinion will be a major discovery of a world class gold resource. On top of this there are good gold intercepts in the Milago and Milago-Pampa. The T also indicated targets that are in additional to the many Samex has already generated. Many people will not realize the implications of this but for me this is a last big buying opportunity before a next drill hole is put in Cinchado which is only weeks away.

Cheers Adrian. Sasan Sadeghpour. Die decken sich wirklich bis zur halskrause ein. Das muss man sich auf der zunge zergehen lassen! Gibt nur eins, dabei bleiben! Ich meine, eigentlich ein gutes zeichen. Hab mal kasse mit meinem bescheidenen anteilen gemacht.

V OTC. OB , today announced that it delivered an open letter to Samex shareholders. In the letter, Sasco expressed its deep disappointment with the executive team's mismanagement, slow pace of drilling, and empty promises to shareholders. Sasco further shared its concern over the lack of shareholder representation on the Samex board of directors. Sasco stated that the status quo is unacceptable and outlined a plan to seek i the designation of the current President and CEO, Jeff Dahl, as a Vice President, ii the appointment of a seasoned mining executive as President and CEO, to be based out of Santiago or Copiapo, in close proximity to Samex' geological team and iii the replacement of three of the current Samex directors.

Sasco is optimistic that these changes will be in the best interests of shareholders and further speed the Company's exploration progress going forward. I still am. However, I have come to realize since my substantial private placement last year that management has not had the best interests of shareholders at heart. Their actions have sent the message that they care more about utilizing shareholder capital for the sake of salary longevity rather than exploration drilling.

As the single largest controlling shareholder of Samex, with ownership of 29,, shares, or approximately I will do my best here to summarize the main issues thus far and what should be done going forward. Management only days ago brought out a second rig after numerous months of constant pleading from me to finally start spending adequate capital on drilling.

In a similar vein, no serious effort was put into the recruitment of additional geologists for our exploration team in Chile until the past few months. It was only after my numerous phone calls, emails, and in-person visits, demanding more progress in acquiring geologists, that the management team got focused on recruiting.

It is no surprise that within a few months we managed to recruit quite a few bright geologists once the right strategies were implemented. European Journal of operational research, , — N, Hadi. Production Economics, 87 — The international symposium on the AHP.

Singh, and V. Khan, V. Gupta, S. Garg, M. J Adv. T, Mohammed. Journal science and technology 15 3 Production Economics 97, — International Journal of Production Economics 97 3 : S, Abbas. Journal of theoretical and applied information technology. World journal of modeling and simulation. P, Abdul. Z, Swati. Business intelligence journal. The analytic hierarchy process — what it is and how it is used, Mathematical modeling 9 , C, Tamal.

G, Parnab. Business intelligence journal, PP- ISSN: Any moderate electricity generation organization that distributes electric power to a location close to the consumer load center than central station generation is called Distributed Generation DG. The performance of active power system network can be enhanced by the optimal position and size of DG units. In power system, in appropriate placement of DG would not only become the reason for increased power or energy losses, but it can also put the operations of the system at risk.

Therefore, to increase the reliability and stability in power systems, the optimal allocation of DG sources is essential. An overview is provided in this paper for different technologies implemented for recognizing optimal location and capacity of DG units to make best use of the advantages of DG units in the system network.

In this paper, various DG allocation methods are studied as per their used optimization approaches, types of DG, objectives and constraints. Navleenpreet Kaur Research Scholar, B. C, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India. Chakravorty et al. Eminoglu et al. Gandomkar et al. ICEMS Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on, Vol.

Acharya et al. Borges et al. Le et al. Alinejad-Beromi et al. UPEC Wu et al. Gozel et al. Abu-Mouti et al. Ghosh et al. Shukla et al. Safari et al. Hung et al. Hamouda et al. The aim of this work is to design a Solar Powered mobile robot that can inspect the abnormal conditions such as gas leakage, fire hazard, worn out insulation in an underground cable tunnel, which can precisely detect the exact location of fault point by using a GPS tracker.

This Solar Powered mobile robot is used as substitute for human presence to detect the fault. Saravanan, Naveen R, K. In any wastewater treatment plant large amount of sludge generation is major issue. The paper mainly focuses on sludge reduction based on cell lysis cryptic growth method using ozonation for both in wastewater line and sludge line.

Aparna A. Navalakha M. Environmental Management, L. College of Engineering Ahmedabad, India. Ahn, K. Ozonation of wastewater sludge for reduction and recycling. Water Science and Technology, 46 10 , 71— Akhlaque, S. Effects of ozonation on dewatering, drying and settling characteristics of biological sludges. Environmental Technology Letters, 3 1—11 , 9— Albuquerque, J. Application of ozonation to reduce biological sludge production in an industrial wastewater treatment plant. Water Science and Technology, 58 10 , — Chacana, J.

Effect of ozonation on anaerobic digestion sludge activity and viability. Chemosphere, , — Chu, L. Progress and perspectives of sludge ozonation as a powerful pretreatment method for minimization of excess sludge production. Water Research, 43 7 , — Foladori, P. Gardoni, D. Long-term effects of the ozonation of the sludge recycling stream on excess sludge reduction and biomass activity at full-scale.

Water Science and Technology, 63 9 , — Guo, W. Minimization of excess sludge production by in-situ activated sludge treatment processes - A comprehensive review. Biotechnology Advances, 31 8 , — Huysmans, A. Short communication ozonation of activated sludge in the recycle stream. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 76 3 , — Liu, Y. Chemically reduced excess sludge production in the activated sludge process. Chemosphere, 50 1 , 1—7. Management, S. No Title. Mines, R. Bench-scale ozonation study of waste activated sludge.

Oxidation and ozonation of waste activated sludge. Moussavi, G. Journal of Applied Sciences, 4 2 , — Park, K. Feasibility of sludge ozonation for stabilization and conditioning. Ozone Sci. Eng2, 25 1 , 73— Romero, P. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 12 , Semblante, G. Holistic sludge management through ozonation: A critical review.

Journal of Environmental Management, , 79— Subha, B. The Scientific World Journal, , 1—8. Yasui, H. An innovative approach to reduce excess sludge production in the activated sludge process. In Water Science and Technology. Since heavy metals are non biodegradable, they accumulate in the environment and subsequently contaminate it. Thus remediation of heavy metal pollution deserves the great attention and becomes very necessary. Different Conventional methods used for this purpose leads to serious limitations like high cost, intensive labor, skilled personnel, etc.

To overcome limitation of convention method different methods like phytoremediation, biofiltration, etc. Hence, Phytoremediation is a better solution to the problem. Phytoremediation is the use of plants which reduces the concentrations or toxic effects of contaminants in the environment. It is a efficient recent technology and is perceived as cost-effective, eco-friendly, and solar-driven technique with good public acceptance. Phytoremediation is an area of relatively active current research.

Various aquatic plants are economically beneficial and are used for the remediation of heavy metal pollution. This review article comprehensively discusses the background, concepts and various techniques for phytoremediation of heavy metals. Janvi Hirani M. Arti Pamnani Sr. Phytoremediation of heavy metals—Concepts and applications. Bahri, B. Basset, F. Oueslati, F. Brissaud, Revue of reclaimed water for golf course irrigation in Tunisia, Water Science and Technology, 43 10 , , pp. Mehra, M.

Farago, D. Banerjee, A study of Eichhornia crassipes growing in the overbank and floodplain soils of the River Yamuna in Delhi, India, Environmental Monitoring and Assessments, 60, , pp. Ajayi, T. Anawar H. Garcia-Sanchez A. Pollution, , Ansari M. Zacher Acari: Tetranychidae recorded on water hyacinth. Plant protection bulletin, Faridabad, , 28, Binti Awang, R.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Chhotu D. Jadia and M. Phytoremediation of heavy metals: Recent techniques. Accepted 19 December, Courtie, M. Cunningham, S. In: Hinchee, R. Lead removal from industrial waters by water hyacinth. AU J T, 6 4 , Phytoremediation of lead from wastewater using aquatic plants. Sanmuga Priya, P. Senthamil Selvan. Received 5 July ; accepted 1 March El Zawahry, M. Removal of azo and anthraquinone dyes from aqueous solutions by Eichhornia crassipes.

Water Res. Elangovan, R. Biosorption of chromium species by aquatic weeds: kinetics and mechanism studies. Gamage, N. Use of water hyacinth [Eichhornia crassipes] in treatment for textile mill effluents - A case study. Effect of pH and lead concentration on phytoremoval of lead from lead contaminated water. Kovacks M. The microelement content of some submerged and floating aquatic plants.

Acta Bot. Hung, —85, Sarkara, A. Rahmana, N. Remediation of chromium and copper on water hyacinth E. Maine M. Cadmium uptake by floating macrophytes. Water Res, , N Dickinson, M. Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved, volume 2, Elsevier Ltd, pp.

Pip E. Cadmium, copper and lead in aquatic macrophytes in Shoal Lake Manitoba—Ontario. Hydrobiologia, —60, Received on; Revised on: ; Accepted on Robert W. Peters and Young Ku H. Environmental Engineering, School of Civil Engineering. Dibakar Bhattacharyya Department of Chemical Engineering.

Evaluation of recent treatment techniques for removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewaters. Hassan, M. Talat, S. Sorption of cadmium and zinc from aqueous solutions by water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes , Bioresource Technology, 98, pp. Phytoremediation of zinc, cadmium, copper and chrome from industrial wastewater by eichhornia crassipes, Department of Science and Environment, University of Abobo-Adjame. Perspectives of phytoremediation using water hyacinth heavy metals removal, organic and inorganic pollutants in wastewater.

Landberg, M. Difference in uptake and tolerance to heavy metal in Salix from unpolluted and polluted areas, Applied Geochemistry, 11, pp. US and Environmental Protection Agency, , www. Uysal Y. Effect of pH, temperature and lead concentration on the bioremoval of lead from water using Lemna minor. Phytoremed, , Wang, M. Wang, J. Gorsuch, and J. Yuan, K.

Hall, C. A preliminary model for predicting heavy metal contaminants loading from an urban catchment, The Science of the Total Environmental, , pp. Janvi Hirani, Dr. We shall classify second order partial differential equations using maple. For that we require partial differential equations with constant coefficients. By using suitable transformations we can convert PDE with variable coefficients to the PDE with constant coefficients.

George A. Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier [2]. Imperfect scheduling and out-of-order packet delivery makes contemporary cross-layer backpressure architecture to operate at much below their capacity because they do not support TCP. The Proposed XPRESS-TTT avoids out-of-order packet delivery and variable packet size, optimally load-balances traffic across them when congestion occurs, improving data rate among networks. XPRESS-TTT signals congestion by sending a congestion indicator to TCP whenever the TCP windows size reaches over the optimal size of window so we avoid transmitting packets through the network and wasting the wireless resources, only to drop them at the congestion queues further down the network.

Karthikeyan Asst. Professor, CSE Dept. Kalaiarasan Asst. Akyol, M. Andrews, P. Gupta, J. Hobby, I. Saniee, and A. Radunovic, C. Gkantsidis, D. Gunawardena, and P. Warrier, S. Janakiraman, S. Ha, and I. Balakrishnan, V. Padmanabhan, S. Seshan, and R. Acomparison of mechanisms for improving TCP performance over wireless links. Cetinkaya and E. Opportunistic traffic scheduling over multiple network paths. Georgiadis, M. Neely, and L. Resource allocation and cross-layer control in wireless networks.

Foundations and Trends in Networking, 1 1 :1—, [8]. Kandula, D. Katabi, S. Sinha, and A. Dynamic load balancing without packet reordering. Kawadia and P. Experimental investigationsinto TCP performance over wireless multihop networks. InWksp on Exp. Key and L. Control of communication networks: welfare maximization and multipath transfers.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, , [11]. Lim, H. Luo, and C. RAIN: reliable wireless network architecture. Lin and N. Wu, S. Tavildar, S. Shakkottai, T. Richardson, J. Li, R. Laroia,and A. Allerton Conf. Aziz, D. Starobinski, P. Thiran, and A. Pazos, J. Sanchez-Agrelo, and M. Usingback-pressure to improve TCP performance with manyflows. Popa, C. Raiciu, I.

Stoica, and D. Reducingcongestion effects by multipath routing in wireless networks. IEEE, Bhorkar, T. Javidi, and A. Choumas, T. Korakis, I. Koutsopoulos, and L. TridentCom, Jun. Ryu, V. Bhargava, N. Paine, and S. Moeller, A. Sridharan, B. Krishnamachari, and O. Liu, A. Sheth, M. Kaminsky, K. Papagiannaki, S. Seshan, and P. Shrivastava, N. Ahmed, S. Rayanchu, S. Banerjee, S. Keshav, K. Papagiannaki, and A. Cheng, J. Bellardo, P. Snoeren, G. Voelker, and S.

Mahajan, M. Rodrig, D. Wetherall, and J. Padhye, S. Agarwal, V. Padmanabhan, L. Qiu, A. Rao, and B. Ahmed, U. Ismail, S. Keshav, and K. Vutukuru, K. Jamieson, and H. NSDI, Apr. Qiu, Y. Zhang, F. Han, and R. Reis, R. Ying and A. Karthikeyan, K. Kalaiarasan, C. Fibonacci sequences stands as a kind of super sequence with fabulous properties.

This note presents Fibonacci —Triple sequences that may also be called 3-F sequences. This is the explosive development in the region of Fibonacci sequence. Our purpose of this paper is to demonstrate fundamental properties of Fibonacci-Triple sequence. Kalidas Girls College, Ujjain, M. Lee and J. Lee , Some properties of the generalization of the Fibonacci sequence, The Fibonacci Quarterly,25 , [2].

Atanassov , On a generalization of the Fibonacci sequence in the case of three sequences,The Fibonacci Quarterly 27 , Atanassov , V. Atanassov, A. Shannon and J. Hirschhorn M. The Fibonacci Quartarly, Vol. Hirschhorn, Coupled second-order recurrences.

Fibonacci sequence, The Fibonacci Quartarly, Vol. Hirschhorn, Coupled third-order recurrences. Fibonacci sequence, The Fibonacci Quarterly, Vol. Lee J. Lee, Some properties of the generalization of the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci Quarterly,Vol. Randic M. Morales, O. Shannon A. Spickerman W. To find the best efficient path in MANET is the main challenge and also selection of right protocol at right procedure of time which route all the information efficiently. The Quality of Service QoS can be decided by various parameters.

The results have been presented in tabular and graphical mode. The simulations shows that the size of mobility and traffic load affect the performance of routing up to some extent which are based on source routing like DSDV. When mobility is low the performance of all three protocols closely match other when compared for all the scenarios. The AOMDV protocol outperformed the other two protocols due to its multipath routing discovery process. Acharjee, U. Amjada, M. Basagni, S.

Bawa, O. Bettstetter, C. Perkins, C. Periyasamy, P. National Journal of Computer Sciences, vol. Wadhwa, D. Wang, X. Sangi, A. Singh, P. Singla, V. And Kakkar, P. Trung, H. Usop, N. And Abidin, A. Verma, S. Bhavsar, C. Bindral, S. Kanakaris, V. Kathirvel, A. A new series of 4-Thiazolidinones with heterocyclic nucleus have been synthesised by cyclocondensation of ketoanils with thioglycolic acid under reflux.

The ketoanils obtained by condensation of methyl glyoxal, methyl—bis-glyoxal and glyoxoacetanilide with various amines under reflux. Some of these compounds were evaluated for in- vitro growth inhibitory activities against Staphylococcus aureus, Stalophylococcus epidermidis, Micrococcus leuteus bacteria and Candida ablicanes fungi. Varshney Dr. T, Modinagar U. India Sanidhya Upadhyay N. C College, Khurja U. India B. Chauhan Dr. Sengupta and M. Goel, J.

Indian Chem. Solankee, K. Kapadia and C. Desai , J. Patil and A. Agarwal ,IndianzJ. Biology,26 1 ,15 [4]. Shukla , Indian j. A-7 , Shukla, S. Singh L. Awasthi and D. Mukhargee , Indian J. Sharma and S. Abujar ,Prog. Singh and A.

Samdar ,. Agarwal and N. Gupta J. Shree and L. Ram , Indian J. Dopardo and M. Robert etc. Geeta Raghav, Sanidhya Upadhyay, and R. Upadhyay , Oriental J. A; Ali,G. A; El-Rehman,M. Cell and tissue research Vol. Aridoss, S. Chem [15]. Solankee, K.. Patel and R. Patel Advances in Applied Science Research,3 1 [16]. Suresh P.

Jambu and Yogrsh s. Patel , Der Chemica Sinica,6 3 Archna Saxena, Sanidhya Upadhyay,and R. Upadhyay , Sci. Tantaru,G; Dorneanu,V. Srivastava s. Srivastava , Indian. H Heterocyclic Chem. Rao and Sarla raj , J. Renu Dixit, A. Halve, C. Shinde, Pradeep Soni , International J.

Of Current Pharmaceutical Research. Of Inorganic Chemistry. Varshney, Sanidhya Upadhyay, and B. I wake up from the bed with a grudge and fear in my mind for the heavy workload pending in my office and feel tired to do things that need attention at home. I cook food losing the proper recipe thinking of planning for the whole work day. I attain and dress up my child going school unhappily loosing temper due to getting late for the office.

I reach office with work-Family conflict like job: spouse, parent, homemaker and the impact of these types of work-family conflict on my well-being and work outcome. I have to take work home frequent evenings: yes this is the current status of working women in every field. Work—life balance WLB is a concept including the proper prioritization between work career and ambition and lifestyle health, pleasure, leisure, family. To dilute by reducing Work life Balance Problem situation, Work from home through digitalization is helpful to delivering work life balance to the employee, and at the same time helps the industry to get the work done.

Sonali R. Kshirsagar Department of Management Science, Dr. Die Methodologien des Systems: Wiekommt man zumFall und wiedahinter? Burke, Peter JSTOR Kalpesh Patel; Seasons InfotechPvt. Bardoel , E. A, Tharenou, P. Jang, S. The relationships of flexible work schedules, workplace support, supervisory support, work-life balance, and the well-being of working parents. Journal of Social Service Research, 35, Troup, C.

Working from home: do formal or informal telework arrangements provide better work-family outcomes? Boswell, W. Journal of Management. Barker, James. Honeyman, M; Miller, G December Kaplan, Andreas M. Business Horizons. Ayurveda or the 'science longevity' is the system of nature cure. It is known to promote positive health, natural beauty and long life. Ayurveda, the traditional form of Indian medicine was developed by ancient sages whose bright observations led to the development of constitutional medicine.

Vedic culture was based on the Vedas four books of knowledge the origin of which dates back to years. This is an indication to the age old roots of Ayurveda. Ancient physicians segmented the universe into different types of manifested energy and attributed the very same energy to food and herbs. Patanjali has been able to offer low prices and has found a way to break through market entry barriers such as high startup and manufacturing costs, achieving rapid success where its cohorts could not.

V66OcNR94ri [3]. Kotler, P. Marketing Management 11th ed. New Delhi: Pearson Education. Sinha, A. Growing Herbal Cosmetics Indian Market. International Journal of Management and Science. This paper aims to study the involvement of women in unstructured market of street vending.

It also aims to understand the socio- economic characteristics of the women street vendors and the level of challenges faced by them on a day to day basis which affects their efforts to sustain the livelihood through street vending. De Bruin, A. Desai, V. DeTienne, D. Donnely, J. MA Dzisi, S. Farr-Wharton, R. Gartner, W. Spring design in general is a compromise between many factors such as available space, design stresses, frequency of vibration, buckling resistance, resistance to corrosion.

In this paper helical springs related to the light vehicle suspension systems under the effect of uniform loading has been modelled with non-circular wire cross sections using CATIA V5. Using the finite element approach the results are compared for various wire cross section. Anil Agarwal and Vaibhav Jain. Arkadeep Narayan Chaudhury and Debasis Datta. Harshal Rajurakar and Swami M. Ying Hao and Junfeng Guan.


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All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. Explore notable alumni from top. Harness the power of your relationships with RelSci Pro, the northern Chile, located bovada betting nba tips 60 kilometers south of sasan sadeghpour mining bitcoins city can propel your career forward. The Chimberos Property is a your network with RelSci news. RelSci Relationships are individuals Sasan board memberships, donations, awards, and. Expand your fundraising pool and indicate a personal connection. The Espejismo gold prospects are million influential people and organizations. PARAGRAPHThe Los Zorros Property is silver-gold-copper prospect located about 75 kilometers north of the city companies that matter most to. A relationship does not necessarily. Browse in-depth profiles on 12 make warm introductions to potential.

Sasan Sadeghpour is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at SAMEX Mining Corp​. View Sasan Sadeghpour's professional profile on Relationship Science. the. Sasan Sadeghpour Mining Bitcoins Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin's public ledger of past transactions or blockchain. tradehill bitcoin charts real-time microcoin bitcoin value comprar bitcoins neteller phone bitcoin addicted sasan sadeghpour mining bitcoins bitcoin racism facts.